Training Outline

Crime Scene Cleanup Training Curriculum

Thank you for your interest in our crime scene cleanup training course. Below is the an outline of our course curriculum. 

Most students complete our online crime scene cleanup certification course in a week. However, since it can be completed at your pace, you can receive your certification in two days or two months. It's completely your choice!

All of our courses are video based but we do provide you with downloadable handouts and forms. Unlike many training programs that simply provide you with a PowerPoint and PDF files, we took over a year to film professional videos that are designed for an optimal learning experience.

Testing is a part of our certification program; however, you may take the tests as many times as you need to receive a passing grade.
Intro to Biohazards
Federal Regulations
Safe Practices
QUIZ 1 - Knowledge Test
Tools of the Trade
Scene Assessment
Working the Scene
Clean Tech & Dirty Tech
Bloody Carpet
Combined Hoarding & Bio
Understanding Surfaces
Before & After
Job Completion
QUIZ 2 - Knowledge Test
Enter & Assess a Scene
Tips on Bidding a Job
Dealing with Nosy Neighbors
Don & Wear PPE
Mix & Apply Disinfectant
Build Your Box
Clean Tech & Dirty Tech
Disposal & Cross Contamination
Clean/Dismantle Couch (P1)
Clean/Dismantle Couch (P2)
Clean/Dismantle Couch (P3)
Clean/Dismantle a Recliner
Clean/Dismantle Furniture
Clean/Remove Flooring (P1)
Clean/Remove Flooring (P2)
Clean Ceiling & Walls
Dismantle Mattress & Box Spring
Clean/Dismantle Vehicle
QUIZ - 50 Question Exam
Business Training Introduction
Create Your Business
Your Online Presence
Accounting, Insurance & Legal
Office Space & Equipment
Contracts & Forms
Proposals & Invoicing
Payments & Collections
Target Market
Reach Your Market
OSHA Training Course Introduction
Hand & Power Tool Safety
QUIZ on Above
Hazard Communication Safety
QUIZ on Above
Personal Protective Equipment
QUIZ on Above
Bloodborne Pathogens
QUIZ on Above
Respiratory Safety
QUIZ on Above
Hoarding - Working with Clients
Bidding the Job
Preparing for the Job
Dumpster Rental
Dumpster Issues
Arriving at the Scene
Cleaning the Scene
Dealing with Mice
Working Outside
Finishing the Job

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