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Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. provides services to the states of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. However, we may travel outside of our service area if the situation permits. Please contact Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. even if you are outside of our service area. We have well-trained and professional affiliates located throughout the United States.
We can typically be ready to leave our office within about 90 minutes of a call for service. However, we must wait until the scene has been released by either the police department or coroner's office. Depending on the crime it may take a day or two before the scene is released.
Our cost proposal will include all costs involved in the cleanup process. Our office can provide a detailed quote, which itemizes all expenses, or simply provide you with an all inclusive quote for the requested services. If travel time and lodging are required, these expenses will be included in our proposal.
This is not unusual and in most situations the blood does penetrate the top layer of flooring, whether it is tile, carpet or wood laminate. What we tend to find is blood and other body fluids will run to the seams and then underneath the uppermost layer of flooring. When this happens, we will recommend that our client allow us to pull up the flooring so we can adequately clean or remove the padding and subfloor. This is the only way to ensure all biohazards are removed. Leaving the biohazards will often cause an odor that will not go away until such time that the biohazards (e.g. blood and fluids) are removed.
Every situation is unique; however, in most situations the blood has traveled under or through the cushions and onto the springs and wood frame. Once this happens, we recommend that our clients allow us to completely dismantle and clean the sofa or recliner. However, this process does require us to cut out the affected areas, thus rendering the furniture unusable.
Not every job we respond to involves a criminal act. When responding to a homicide or incident that involves trauma inflicted during the commission of a criminal act, the industry term "Crime Scene Cleanup" applies. For any other scene or incident whereby blood or body fluids are present, but a criminal act was not involved, we use the term biohazard remediation.
For nearly two decades our team has maintained a very close relationship with most companies that provide home owner's insurance. If you provide us with the name of your agent and a policy number, we'll make contact to establish a claim and determine what the insurance company will or will not cover. We'll then spend time to fully explain to you your options. Typically, we would simply collect the policy deductible from you and bill the rest to the insurance company.
Absolutely not! As long as a legally responsible party can allow us access to the home or business, we'll take care of the scene. Once the scene has been remediated, it will be your choice as to whether or not you inspect the scene. However, we will ask for a "services rendered" form to be signed.
Yes, we do offer deep cleaning. For more information about this service, please click the "Our Services" tab in the menu at the top of the page, then select "Other Services".
Yes, we take a great deal of time to sort through items. We never want to discard or donate anything that could be of monetary or sentimental value. Before we begin the cleaning process, we'll sit down with you to create a list of items that you may want us to locate and preserve. As we move items, our team members will not only search for items you've requested but also items that we feel may be of importance, such as: tax & banking documents, jewelry, money, photographs, collectibles and keepsakes.
Yes, we will sort & organize your belongings and store them either onsite or at an offsite storage facility.
If the owner of the firearm(s), or in some cases the residence, does not want the firearm(s) on property, our team will help you to find a buyer for the firearm. Each member of our team is either a former law enforcement officer or military veteran with extensive knowledge of firearms safety & security.
Before any work is started, you'll know exactly how long we'll plan to be at your home or property for the cleaning process. In severe hoarding cases, where we find an entire home, basement and garage is full of personal effects, trash, etc., we may bring in four technicians for up to 5 days. Only in the most extreme situations will we need to be on site longer than 5 days.
Yes, we will work with you to clean items that can be salvaged.
Yes, completely safe. Bio-Trauma 911 uses OSHA compliant and hospital grade chemicals, which can be used in any household, business or restaurant environment.
In many situations, the carpet and flooring must be removed. Fewer situations may require baseboards and wallboard to be removed. In a bathroom or kitchen area, it may be necessary to disconnect sinks, toilets and bathtubs. In any situation, only necessary items will be removed in our effort remediate the scene. Our technicians are professionals and will remove items with great care and precision. Once items are removed, depending on our initial consultation, a sub-contractor may be brought in to replace the removed items.

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