Online Crime Scene Cleanup Training Course

Due in part to the economy, we've elected at this time to offer only our online certified crime scene cleanup training course. Unfortunately, the cost of hosting a five day in-person training course has increased considerably over the past year. Additionally, students were finding it difficult to afford the increased cost, while taking five days off work for the training course.

Our online biohazard remediation course offers the same content, training & certifications as our hands-on training course and costs about 75% less! Based on feedback, nearly every student has felt that our online biohazard remediation certification training course was structured in such a way that actual hands-on training was not needed. Please click the link below to learn more about our online training program, which includes our complete video based crime scene cleanup training program,  a complete business module, required OSHA training, hoarding & clutter cleanup training, business forms, and more!!

Our online crime scene cleanup course can be finished in about 16 hours. With this course of training, you'll also have the option of completing our OSHA Mandated training series, our business module, hoarding cleanup training and more. Several tests are provided throughout the course; however, these may be taken as many times as needed to achieve a passing grade.

Unlike many courses that simply provide you with a PowerPoint presentation and PDF files, our course is VIDEO BASED! However, we do provide you with handouts, course material, business forms and more to make the training more complete and thorough.

Upon successful completion of our course, you'll receive certificates of completion which you can present as documentation of training to an employer or state or federal regulators.
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Training Curriculum

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