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An Exciting Career Choice!

What is Crime Scene Cleanup

It's a detailed process of removing blood and body fluids from a crime or trauma scene. Also referred to as Biohazard Remediation, the cleaning process involves the identification and removal of blood and bodily fluids following a criminal act, trauma related incident or accident. This service is provided after the body or injured person is removed from the scene.

Income Potential

Technicians are paid anywhere from $25 to $55 per hour, depending on their location. Companies can charge upwards of $300 or more per hour for biohazard remediation services. Charges for hoarding cleanup services are a bit less; however, the profit margin is still better than that received by most traditional cleaning companies.

Why Should I Purchase this Course?

Bio-Trauma 911 was started in 2005 and our crime scene cleanup training course was started in 2008. Over the past 15+ years, we've trained hundreds of new business owners and technicians. Our in-person course hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana is one of the only courses in the country that offers both classroom training and hands-on training. In addition, students can also take advantage of our business module and ongoing business support package.

What are the Training Topics

Whether you choose our online course of study or visit our training center in Indianapolis, Indiana, you'll receive instruction in these areas: Types and uses of personal protective equipment - Various types and proper use of tools, equipment and chemicals - Methods of crime scene & trauma scene cleanup - Crime scene cleanup & local, state and federal guidelines and regulations - Blood borne pathogens and OSHA regulations - Setting up and marketing your new business - Bidding, costs & profit margin - Hours of hands-on training - And, more!
Training Details

Training Outline

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Training Costs

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Training Dates

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Training Reservations

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Compulisve Hoarding

It is estimated that there are as many as 19 million hoarders in the United States. Compulsive hoarding is a condition that often times requires the help of companies in this industry. While crime scene cleanup and biohazard remediation is what we may specialize in, hoarding cleanup should be a service you offer.

Biohazard Remediation

The FBI reports that in 2021there were 694,050 violent-crime incidents and 22,900 murders in 2021. When you add to these numbers the accidents that involve blood and body fluids, there are well over one million scenes throughout the USA that may need the services of a biohazard remediation company.

Classroom Training

Crime scene cleanup training (which includes biohazards & hoarding) may be best achieved in a classroom environment. However, not everyone can take off a week to travel to Indiana for training. On top of travel expenses, our students are responsible for food & lodging as well. For those of you who would like to take advantage of our classroom and hands-on training course, please follow the links above for our training outline, costs, dates and reservation information.

Online Training

Over the years, we’ve been asked to create an online version of our crime scene cleanup training course. For over 18 months, we filmed and edited hours and hours of footage and presentations. In late 2022, we were proud to launch this course through an online learning environment called Thinkific. Through this platform, our students receive video instruction, quizzes, downloadable forms and documents and certificates of completion. To learn more about this course, please click the link below.