Crime Scene Cleanup Training

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  • Crime Scene Cleanup Training
  • April 9, 2020
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • training, biohazard, crime, blood
Cost to Attend: $1,450
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Steve Hanna

Lead Instructor

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Classroom Training Course

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. has trained new biohazard remediation business owners and crime scene cleanup technicians since 2008. It’s a business and industry that we know and are extremely proficient at.

Through the years, we’ve been very fortunate to have received students from all parts of the world. Now considered friends, they have returned to Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, Africa and beyond to follow their dreams of small business ownership. With the instruction learned through our training course, each has found a measurable level of success. 

For many years, we’ve been asked to create an online version of our crime scene cleanup training course. In the wake of the Covid virus and a shift to online learning and work from home jobs, we decided that the time was right to develop this idea. In late 2022, we launched our online crime scene cleanup course with instruction in biohazard remediation and hoarding cleanup. To learn more about this course, please visit

Training Overview

We had six students attend this particular training classroom and hands-on training course. While we weren’t blessed with any foreign students in this course, we did receive students from Texas, New York, Alabama and Kentucky.

Through the first two days of classroom instruction, students learned about rules and regulations governing the crime scene cleanup industry. Students were also taken through scenes depicted through PowerPoint presentations, viewed photos of actual crime & trauma scenes, viewed and tested on  OSHA required subjects and more.

On days three and four, students paired up into teams of two and entered our hands-on training environment. Here students started by observing and evaluating mock scenes and then creating cost proposals based on their observations. Following a review of their initial assessment, students went hands-on working various scenes with oversight and instruction from our technicians.

Power tools are in use during our hands-on training and Safety is a major consideration
Students are in full PPE gear and learn the dangers of heat and cold exposure
Real blood is used, which can oftentimes, especially in the summer, smell very bad!
crime scene cleanup training

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